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UT 830

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UT 830 - Reliable pipe location


Versatile use – clear results – one frequency!


If you’re looking for a precise, reliable and versatile pipe locating device, the UT 830 is the one for you – no matter where you’re working or how difficult the conditions, the 83 kHz frequency is perfect for actively locating underground gas and water pipes. The UT 830 can also be used to passively detect power and cathodic-protected lines. Exclusive technical functions provide fast, accurate and reliable results. And then there’s the high protection class, robust construction and easy operation which make the UT 830 your perfect companion on virtually every measuring task.


Versatile use


  • With its IP65 protection class, extremely robust construction and compact size, the UT 830 is equipped for all working and weather conditions – even in difficult environments.

  • The UT 830 proves particularly versatile, for example in the building trade, thanks to its ability to passively locate power and cathodic-protected lines. 50 Hz, 100 Hz and 150 Hz frequencies are available for this.

  • Take advantage of exceptionally long battery life: 75 hours for the receiver, up to 150 hours for the transmitter. This guarantees maximum availability and minimum downtime.


Clear results


  • Thanks to its adaptive filtering, the UT 830 offers impressively fast response times. The extremely quick and reliable directional arrow display means that pipes can be located in very tight location corridors, thus guaranteeing precise results – regardless of the operating mode or operating style at that!

  • Check your results with the exclusive PEAK function. This allows you to easily hide from view surrounding pipes picked up because of the high frequency at the touch of a button, thus preventing measurement errors and the unintentional location of parallel pipes.

  • The fully automated depth measurement gives you an accurate overview of the position of the pipe at all times.

  • Thanks to the special internal positioning of the aerials, locating main pipes and branches is child’s play. This saves you walking long distances and allows you to work more efficiently.


One frequency

  • Its 83 kHz frequency means that the UT 830 can accurately locate underground gas and water pipelines beyond insulated connection points – even with long pipes and weak signals.

  • Thanks to its easy and self-explanatory operation on just one frequency, even less experienced users quickly and intuitively get to grips with the UT 830 without extensive training. Visual and acoustic signals provide feedback, facilitate progress and inspire confidence in the measurement results.


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