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SePem 300

Sepem 300.png

Noise logger for the stationary monitoring of water pipe networks


Detect leaks in your water pipe network by remote surveillance. The measurement data gathered can be sent securely and conveniently by roaming wherever there is a mobile phone network*.


The advantages 


  • Flexible programming of measurements and data transmission – can be optimally adapted to local conditions and different types of network.

  • No extra data costs – the logger already holds the volume of data ordered (flat rate).

  • Ready to go – no need to insert a SIM card.

  • Consistently optimal network connection – the logger always uses the strongest mobile phone network at the installation location.

  • Measurement data sent directly to a PC or server – no time wasted patrolling the measurement locations or retrieving measurement data.

  • Saves costs by reducing the duration of leaks – leaks are detected very soon after they occur.

  • Excellent availability – potential battery life in excess of four years (depending on selected settings).

  • Clear results – map-based software for data visualization


The software 


  • Always reliably informed – the clear display of measuring points shows the current network situation at all times.

  • All information at a glance – details of every measurement location shown for the active position.

  • Extensive possibilities – not only is there a clear view of the measuring points, but there is also a wide range of additional functions available. These include planning aids for selecting measuring points as well as display options and the integration of photos of the installation environment.


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