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SeCorr C 200

SeCorr C 200.png

Water leak detection by correlation: professional – flexible – intelligent


Reliably and accurately pinpoint leaks


Professional: The SeCorr® C 200 is a state-of-the-art, portable high-performance correlator, which enables leaks in underground pipelines to be located reliably, quickly and accurately to allow excavation to begin. Its user interface is clearly and logically laid out. There are many extra functions available for complex location scenarios. 


Flexible: The SeCorr® C 200 is recommended for all users undertaking professional leak detection because it can handle any everyday location scenario. It can easily measure different pipe sections, pipe materials, diameters and pipe lengths. 


Intelligent: The sophisticated firmware of the SeCorr® C 200 means that the measurement sequence is almost fully automatic. Once the pipeline data has been entered and the measurement started, all other steps are performed without the intervention of the operator. The measured noises are constantly analyzed in the background and the optimal filter settings selected. 

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