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Multitec 520

Multitec 5201.png

Versatile multiple gas warning device for workplace monitoring


Particularly when working in pits, preventative measurement of dangerous gases is essential to survival. To establish if the pit is safe to work in, the floating probe is used to take measurements at the bottom of the pit before entering. This ensures the safety of all workers. With the Multitec® 520, six gases can be measured simultaneously. For this reason, this gas warning device can be used practically anywhere. A large display allows all parameters to be quickly read from a single screen. It integrates perfectly into the new family of devices from SEWERIN. This ensures compatibility with the comprehensive range of existing accessories.


  • Modular device design, a basic device without pump (diffusion device) or with an integrated pump

  • Electrochemical sensors

  • The user can exchange sensors

  • Power supplied by any commercial rechargeable or disposable AA batteries

  • The large, illuminated LCD display

  • Self-test on start-up

  • Easy operation using three keys

  • The internal data memory (PC readout possible)

  • Visual and audible alarms

  • Adjustable alarm thresholds

  • Temperature compensated sensors

  • User menu

  • Function menu for individual device configuration (PIN code protected)

  • Adjustable test gas concentration


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