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FerroTec FT 10

FerroTec FT 101.png

Magnetometer for locating concealed objects: fast – convenient – precise


Easy location of ferromagnetic objects


The FerroTec FT 10 helps you safely and reliably locate concealed shaft covers, sliding rods and caps, as well as pavement markers and other objects. The only requirement is that they are made of iron, cast iron or steel. The ergonomic design, convenient operation and precise measuring technology make your work fast and easy.


The measurement principle: sturdy technology with an ergonomic design


Objects containing iron cause changes in the earth’s magnetic field which can be picked up by the two magnetically sensitive sensors in the FerroTec FT 10 (fluxgate magnetometers) and converted to an acoustic signal. In addition, the display shows you getting close to the object you are looking for. The closer you are to the object, the stronger the signal. At maximum signal strength, the FerroTec FT 10 is exactly above the object.


Fast and reliable results


The FerroTec FT 10 recognizes 50 Hz alternating fields and directs you towards the exact position of power cables, thus preventing mix-ups and false detections and protecting you against electrocution during excavation.


The FerroTec FT 10 recognizes polarity changes in large objects, for example in shaft covers. This means that you can – depending on the orientation of the object – classify its position and size.

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