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EX-TEC PM41.png

Gas detection, gas warning and gas concentration measuring device for working in the ppm, LEL and vol.% ranges.


The EX-TEC PM4 is a measuring device for gas detection in the ppm range, gas warning in the LEL range and gas concentration measurement in the vol.% range.


  • Simple operator guidance using selections from DVGW applications (German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water) 

  • The large, illuminated LCD display 

  • Self-test on start-up 

  • Easy operation using three keys 

  • Visual and audible alarms 

  • Adjustable alarm thresholds for each gas and measuring range

  • Temperature compensated sensors 

  • Function menu for individual device configuration (PIN code protected) 

  • Gas database with calibration for methane and other gases, e.g. propane, butane, hexane, nonane, hydrogen, kerosene 

  • Adjustable test gas concentration

  • Passive explosion protection:
    EC type-examination certificate in accordance with ATEX 100a, guideline 94/9/EG
    Certificate no.: TÜV 09 ATEX 555077 X
    Identification: II2G Ex de ib IIb T4

  • Active explosion protection:
    Function safety test in the "Warning" mode for methane (CH4), propane (C3H8) and nonane (C9H20)
    Certificate: BVS 09 ATEX G 002 X


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